History of Location

The city of Burgas is located in the so-called Bourgas plateau. The city is characterized by mild climate and fertile soils. The name of the city derives from the Latin word “Burgos”, which means a tower. In the past Bourgas was a small Roman town called Deultum. Later, it was renamed to Debelt. The history of Burgas has always been connected with the sea. The city is surrounded by water on three of its borders, which was important for its further population and development. During the 18th century Burgas played a key role as one of the most important sea ports on the Balkans.

The city of Burgas is located in East Bulgaria. It is the fourth largest city in the country and is situated in the western part of the Gulf of Bourgas. The city also has the largest sea port in the country, and is in a very close proximity to Bourgas airport. The town is surrounded by several lakes – Mandrensko, Atanasovsko and Burgas Lake Vaya.

Tourist Guide

Among the greatest advantages of Burgas is the airport, located just outside the city. Bourgas Airport completes many flights within the country and almost anywhere else in the world. Another perk of the city’s great location and nearby facilities is the possibility of intermodal transport by air, sea and land. Located in Burgas, besides the air transport, you have the option of recently improved and modernized port of Burgas, railway transport, the international highway E87, as well as customs.

In the municipality of Burgas there are five recreational spots for relaxation, perfect for family holiday. These are Sarafovo, Kraimorie, Burgas Mineral Baths, Rosenets Park and Burgas itself. Near the town are the local mineral baths, which are one of the oldest Bulgarian spa centers.

Transportation Services

The city allows for convenient air, land and water transport. Bourgas Airport is only 10 km away from the city center, which facilitates access to all the other towns along the Black Sea coast. The transportation services you can use are shuttle bus, taxi service or use of a car rental company. By renting a car you will be able to quickly and easily visit plenty of sights on our Southern Black Sea coast that definitely deserve your attention. Rent-a-Car is the safest and most convenient way for an organized and laid back holiday for you and your family. In addition, renting a car presents you with the opportunity to be more flexible and remote during your business trip.

If you have decided to use car rental services, you won’t be wrong. This will facilitate you access many nearby attractive places such as Nessebar – town with centuries of history and incredible, ancient architecture; Sunny Beach – a place for entertainment and nightlife; or any spot South of Burgas, where you will find countless pristine beaches, unique clean waters and incredible places for relaxation.


The beautiful seaside town offers you various historical and natural highlights and attractions. The town becomes extremely lively during the summer season when it’s visited by millions of Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Interesting landmarks in the city include the Regional History Museum, the Art Gallery, the Ethnographic Museum and the Sea Garden. Burgas is a destination with excellent opportunities for practicing water sports, paragliding and rock climbing. One of the most emblematic places in Burgas is the beautiful sea garden. It’s all dotted with wide range of interesting plants and flowers. The Sea Garden is huge and you can choose to do many things – from a walk along its endless alleys, to all kinds of sports (cycling, roller coasters, etc.). There are also many children’s spots and attractions, as well as beachfront restaurants, where you can relax with a drink and delicious fresh seafood dishes, while enjoying a lovely view. Surrounded by greenery and sea latitude, there is no visitor for which this paradise does not have a special place in the heart.

Hiking and Nature

By renting a car, you can reach every corner of the city and have the opportunity to see many natural attractions. Amongst them are the four lakes of Burgas, which are valuable biological wealth for our country. They build the largest complex of coastal lakes, including Atanasovsko, Pomorie, Mandrensko and Burgas. The climate in Bourgas is moderately continental with definite maritime influence. Summer is pleasant and fresh, thanks to the lovely sea breeze. Not far from Burgas, to the north of Kraimorie and to the east of the Bourgas-Sozopol road, there is a protected area called “Poda”. There you will find different species of birds – breeding, migrating and wintering. In this protected area is the only place on the Black Sea coast that you can see a mix of white spoonbill, brilliant ibis, small cormorant, gray heron and many others. The international significance of this protected area defines it as an important ornithological site. By renting a car you could have the opportunity to visit the beautiful “Poda”. This charming place is absolutely worth stopping by. Besides that, it’s the only place in Europe, where per 1 sq. Km. there has been identified the impressive 284 bird species.


By making the decision to rent a car you will have the opportunity to go all around the city. Burgas attracts with many historical, cultural, natural and architectural sights. The flight from Sofia Airport to the airport in Burgas will take only 40 minutes. Festivals such as the traditional “Bourgas and the Sea” are held annually. The festival exists since 1973 and every year is honored has by many admirers. Don’t miss to visit the “Sand Figures Festival”. It’s a joyful occasion for big and small.

During the summer season, many artists arrive in the city, when every corner turns into an exposition of their work – musical and artistic. Every day the city of Burgas offers you the opportunity to do something different – to relax onto the breezy shore, or to go round the various cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, shops, restaurants and many other interesting places. And why not both?