History and location

The city of Byala is situated at the very border between the southern and northern Black Sea coast. The town is attractive for those who are looking for a small Black Sea village, away from the noise and vanity of other Bulgarian seaside resorts.

Byala is located 5 km away from Obzor, in close proximity to campsite Irakli. This camping area offers an opportunity for everyone seeking for places of a more distinctive character. You are basically surrounded only by the beauty of nature, while the constructions around this area very limited.

Tourists Guide

Byala offers an interesting combination of seaside and rural tourism. This lovely town offers the coziness of the seaside where your family vacation will only pass under the sounds of sea waves. The water is crystal clear, the beaches are preserved intact because of their remote location, located away from the big seaside towns. Surrounded by the warm embracing sun and breathing fresh sea breeze, you can dive into a marvelous view, delighted in perfect harmony. The beaches, rocky cliffs and the plenty of hiking eco-paths, Byala is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea coast. The most famous beach of “Kara dere” will enchant you with its long sandy strip and plenty of natural splendors.

Transport services

If you choose to rent a car, you can find us Byala. This is certainly the most convenient way to reach many destinations in the vicinity or to visit some of the bigger resorts by the Black Sea coast. Byala is a picturesque little town that has retained its identity and distinguishes itself from the urban vanity. Renting a car allows you to organize your vacation better and combine your escape by the sea with the possibility of hiking around the mountains.


Byala is a place in harmony with the its surrounding natural heritage. If you are looking for attractions and nightlife, you will not find many opportunities in the city. The neighboring larger seaside resorts offer plenty of activities and entertainment options. By renting a car from Byala you will be able to visit every spot you want from North to South along the Black Sea coast.

Byala combines unique nature, lush pastures, remarkable sea views, clear blue water and pristine beaches. Two of the nearby sights besides Irakli and Obzor, located in the immediate vicinity, are the Ethnographic Park and the geological formation The White Rocks. An interesting historical landmark is the fortress, created during the late Antiquity – The Koprivets Monastery. You can visit each of these attractions if you take advantage of a car rental services. This is a reliable and secure way for a cherished experience for you and your family.