St. Vlas

History of location The small charming village of St. Vlas is located 5 km away from the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach. Here you will enjoy an unforgettable summer holiday and indulge in comfort and true relaxation. The infrastructure of St. Vlas is being developed steadily and since 2006 the resort town has [...]

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History of location Sarafovo recently became a neighborhood of Burgas and it’s located 8 km away from the city center. Right next to it, you will find the base of Burgas Airport, one of the largest airports in the country. Sarafovo is located within the beautiful bay of Burgas, 7 km away from Pomorie, and [...]

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History of location Ravda is a picturesque village in the immediate vicinity of Nessebar and a few kilometers away from the biggest seaside resort - Sunny Beach. Ravda is favorite seaside destination for one exciting summer holiday due to its strategic location near large and attractive resort villages. The story of Ravda dates back more [...]

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History and location There is not one place along our Black Sea coast, which does not carry amazing natural beauty, have excellent location and presents wonderful conditions for hiking and salty, but sweet summer vacation. Primorsko is another Black Sea town, which will allow you to enjoy its beautiful scenery and wonderful climate. The town [...]

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History and location Pomorie is one of the most ancient Bulgarian towns and is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula along the path of the Via Pontica migratory road. The location of Pomorie is excellent - its distance from the city of Bourgas is 18 km. The exact same distance separates it from [...]

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History and location Obzor ranks among the oldest populated areas on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is located at an equal distance from the two largest Black Sea towns - Varna and Burgas. The earliest historical records of the city take us 3 millennia back in time. Obzor has many different names throughout [...]

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History and location Nessebar is one of the most beautiful, romantic and historically significant seaside towns. Nessebar has acquired the image of one of the best and most popular tourist destinations on our Black Sea coast. The town is located in Burgas District, 27 km away from Burgas Airport. Going back in time, [...]

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History and location Kraimorie started its history as a separate village and later became a part of Burgas. The village is located 10 kilometers away from the city center and therefor provides all the amenities and advantages of the big city. At the same time its remote location away from the noise and traffic make [...]

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