History and location Kiten is a small town with centuries-old history. It’s located 55 kilometers away to the south of Burgas and in close proximity to major resorts such as Sozopol, Primorsko and Tsarevo. Its geographic location is of great importance for the region. Natural beauty combines green slopes of Strandja reaching all the way [...]

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History and location Sinemorets is located in Tsarevo municipality and is the southernmost point of South-east Bulgaria. The distance between Sinemorets and Burgas is about 85 kilometers. This beautiful little village offers quiet and peaceful setting suitable for family holidays. It is situated on a peninsula and there are several deserted beaches within the area. [...]

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History and location Elenite is a seaside complex not far from Sunny Beach and Nessebar and only 45 kilometers away from Burgas. Because of the pleasant atmosphere, the village is an attractive destination for many tourists from Bulgaria and abroad. Elenite resort complex is situated on a picturesque shore, on the border between the northern [...]

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History and location Dyuni is a small resort situated between Sozopol and Primorsko. The Black Sea complex consists of hotels and several smaller buildings. Sozopol is 7 km away to the north and Primorsko is 9 km southwards. The location of Dyuni is on the first-class road from Sozopol to Primorsko and Tsarevo, [...]

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History and location The city of Byala is situated at the very border between the southern and northern Black Sea coast. The town is attractive for those who are looking for a small Black Sea village, away from the noise and vanity of other Bulgarian seaside resorts. Byala is located 5 km away from Obzor, [...]

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History and location Ahtopol is the southernmost Bulgarian town on the Black Sea coast. The picturesque mouth of the Veleka River is only 5 km away to the South. When landing at the Bourgas Airport you have the opportunity to rent a car and easily reach Ahtopol only after 57 km. The history of Ahtopol [...]

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History of Location The city of Burgas is located in the so-called Bourgas plateau. The city is characterized by mild climate and fertile soils. The name of the city derives from the Latin word "Burgos", which means a tower. In the past Bourgas was a small Roman town called Deultum. Later, it was renamed [...]

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