History and location

Kraimorie started its history as a separate village and later became a part of Burgas. The village is located 10 kilometers away from the city center and therefor provides all the amenities and advantages of the big city. At the same time its remote location away from the noise and traffic make the neighborhood an extremely secluded and peaceful place for a relaxed and laid back summer holiday with the fam.

Tourists Guide

Kraimorie offers a well-developed infrastructure and specialized recreational areas. The many shopping facilities around allow you to spend your summer vacation comfortable. There are regular buses and taxi services to the destination, but if you decided to be independent and to be able to travel to other Black Sea destinations, it is wiser to take advantage of car rental services.

Transport services

Bourgas Airport is only 10 km away from the city of Bourgas, which facilitates access to all the other towns along the Black Sea coast. If you desire quality and comfort, you should take advantage of car rental services. By renting a car you will be able to quickly and easily visit all the sights in and around Kraimorie. Rent-a-Car is the most secure and convenient way for a comfortable holiday for you and your family. In the South of Burgas, you will find countless pristine beaches, uniquely clear waters and amazing recreational spots.


The location of Kraimorie offers a breakaway from the noisy resorts in the vicinity and provides peace and tranquility in combination with nature. In the vicinity there are marsh areas, sheltering dozens of birds spices, animal and plant species. Protected area “Poda” offers an interesting insight of the world of birds. It is full of different species and the opportunity to watch or walk around them. Foros Fortress is located in close proximity. According to archaeologists, here lies the ancient Bourgas and its roots. East of Kraimorie lies the island of Saint Anastasia. You can access it by boat. You can expect a wonderful sea walk with plenty of positive emotions. The island is formed by volcanic activities in the region, million years ago. Far from the vanity and lushness of large seaside resorts, Kraimorie offers coziness and hospitality for anyone wishing to stay here. The affordable prices for summer nights, the beautiful beach and the numerous nearby destinations make Kraimorie a favorite place for many families.


Immersed in the relaxation of the seashore, enjoying the incredible landscapes surrounding you, you will fall into true bliss and tranquility. The water activities and sports and countless. The area also offers opportunities for picnic and hikes in the woods. By choosing to go north or south of Bourgas you will be enchanted by the beauty of the unspoiled natural scenery that is worth visiting again and again.