History and location

Nessebar is one of the most beautiful, romantic and historically significant seaside towns. Nessebar has acquired the image of one of the best and most popular tourist destinations on our Black Sea coast. The town is located in Burgas District, 27 km away from Burgas Airport. Going back in time, we will see that Nessebar is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. Since the era of his foundation, the city was called Messambria. Throughout the period of Antiquity, Roman and subsequent Byzantine rule, the city evolved and accumulated wealth. In today’s Nessebar we find plenty of architectural monuments from the Middle Ages. Old Nessebar is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The old part of the city has preserved around 42 churches that today function as picture galleries. The working temple is only one. Nessebar stands on a small island, which is linked to the mainland by a pathway, 400 meters long, uniting the old and the new part of the town.

Tourists Guide

From the bus station in Burgas you can have the choice of multiple ways of transpotation amongst which bus, taxi services or trust the guaranteed quality of car rental services. By renting a car, you will have the freedom to choose when, where and how long to stay at the many Black Sea destinations along the coast. About 4 km away from Nessebar is situated the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach, and about 18 km South is the town of Pomorie. Ravda and St. Vlas are just a few kilometers away. The fascination of the city and the amazing atmosphere of the past make Nessebar a remarkable place. The spirit of Antiquity has survived to this day. The new part of the town has modern architecture, numerous restaurants, coffee shops and hotels, created to contribute for the comfort of all Bulgarian and foreign tourists who want to relax by the beautiful Nessebar beaches.

Transport services

The location of the city is conveniently connected by air, land and water. Bourgas Airport is only 20 km from the city. The transportation services you can use are shuttle bus, taxi or car rental services. By renting a car you can quickly and easily visit a number of landmarks on our Southern and Northern Black Sea coast. Rent-a-Car is the most secure and safest way for a comfortable holiday for you and your family. This will make it easier to visit the nearby resorts such as Sunny Beach – a place for entertainment and nightlife, or any lovely corner South of Burgas, where you will find countless pristine beaches, clear blue waters and amazing recreational spots.


The yacht port in Nessebar offers attractions such as boat trips or renting a yacht. This adventure will give you a true delight in the endless sea, the magnificent sights of the nearby towns, and the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Emblematic for the town of Nessebar is the old mill, located between the old and the new part, which is an interesting tourist attraction.The Church of Christ Pantocrator is one of the most remarkable and well-preserved medieval churches in Nessebar. It is included in the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria. The historical sites in Nessebar complement the Renaissance style. Over 100 restored houses of the Byzantine period shape the picturesque architecture of the city.


Relying on the services of a rental company, you will be able to visit the most attractive water parks in Bulgaria – Paradise which offers countless amazing water experiences. The other opportunity for having fun and creating memorable experience during your holiday is “Action Aquapark”, located in the western part of Nessebar. The various restaurants with attractive vision and thematic cuisine will offer you wonderful food and entertainment under the sounds of traditional Bulgarian music. Fresh sea food is always available at the old city market and everywhere across town. Nightlife in the surroundings conquers with its presence. Each year world famous artists come here to offer tourists unforgettable nights in the rhythms of modern sounds.