History and location

Obzor ranks among the oldest populated areas on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The town is located at an equal distance from the two largest Black Sea towns – Varna and Burgas. The earliest historical records of the city take us 3 millennia back in time. Obzor has many different names throughout its long history and it was erected as an independent city in 1984. Remains of the ancient city of Heliopolis (The City of the Sun), founded by the Greeks, are arranged in the small park in the center of Obzor, where you can see columns and fragments of statues from the Roman temple of Jupiter.

Tourists Guide

The beautiful nature of Obzor invites you to combine salty sea tourism with long hikes in the mountains. The attracts thousands of tourists each year, who want to enjoy the comfort and tranquility of the surrounding area. Obzor has an interesting location, and it’s a starting point for major seaside resorts and beautiful sandy beaches in the area. To the north you can find the campsites “Luna”, “Prostor” and “Sun”. South of Obzor lies the stunning bay of Irakli, right aafter – Cape Emine and the village of Emona. Ancient Thracian sanctuary has been discovered there, along with the remains of a medieval fortress and monastery. A characteristic advantage of the city is the long beach line, which reaches the exceptional 8 km.

Transport services

The location of the city is well conveniently connected through air, land and water. Burgas Airport is only 70 km away, and you can also benefit from bus transport or use of a car rental services. By renting a car you can quickly and easily visit a number of landmarks on our Southern and Northern Black Sea coast. Rent-a-Car is the most secure and safe way for a comfortable holiday for you and your family. This will facilitate the access to nearby resorts such as Sunny Beach – a place for entertainment and nightlife, or any point in the South of Burgas, where you will find countless pristine beaches, uniquely clean waters and amazing recreational spots.


The beach of Obzor extends from Cape St. Athanasius to the North, to Cape Mona Petra to the South. Right after follow pristine beaches, ecologically clean area and clear sea waters of Irakli Beach. Continuing several kilometers down, Stara Planina kisses the salty waves of the Black Sea, which unfolds a delightful view. Remarkable monuments from this area are the remains of the Temple of Jupiter, the Paleokastro and Kozyak Fortresses and others. Nearby is Cape Emine, a 60 meters’ vertical cliff, majestically hanging above the sea and worshiping this natural element. Renting a car gives you the opportunity to visit the amazing Kamchia River Biosphere Reserve, declared a protected area in 1951 because of the centuries-old dense forests. Medieval fortress walls you can find in the town of Byala and not far from Obzor are the big resorts such as Sveti Vlas, Sunny Beach and the ancient town of Nessebar. There you will experience a dynamic and pleasant atmosphere, plenty of attractions and entertainment for both children and adults.


Obzor is an exotic place blending romance and serenity of the beaches. Visiting the city, you will immerse yourself in an unparalleled atmosphere of breathtaking locations, unique landscapes, mountainous sceneries and endless sea. The pure and untouched nature in the area and the wonderful climate make Obzor a corner of paradise.