History and location

Pomorie is one of the most ancient Bulgarian towns and is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula along the path of the Via Pontica migratory road. The location of Pomorie is excellent – its distance from the city of Bourgas is 18 km. The exact same distance separates it from Sunny Beach resort and Nessebar. This allows convenient transportation links from Pomorie to all other nearby resort towns. Burgas Airport is 8 km away from the city.

Turning back the time, history shows that at the time of its creation in5th century BC, Pomorie’s first name was Anhialo, and remained the same until August 14, 1934. The ancient village was established as a colony of Apollonia (present-day Sozopol). The geographical location of Anchialo gave him significant commercial importance, and the city has been a subject of controversy and conflict between other major seaside towns on the Balck Sea coast.

Tourists Guide

The small town of Pomorie attracs its many tourists because of its favorable conditions for a perfect summer holiday, as well as for the peace and tranquility it brings. The sea here is lovely for swimming until October, which predisposes for a long summer season. Besides its healing mud and salt yielding, Pomorie has long traditions in wine making.
Since 1934, Pomorie has strongly begin to develop its recreational activities. Due to its nature and geographic location, the city becomes a prestigious sanatorium center for specific healing therapies with mud, salt and seawater, recreational and other spa treatments. The sunny days in the town are predominant, the air is fresh, rich in ozone, and the sand is abundant in iron.

Transport services

The location of the city is conveniently connected through air, land and water transportation services. Bourgas Airport is only 8 km away from the city. The transport services are bus or car rental services. By renting a car you can quickly and easily visit a number of landmarks on our Southern and Northern Black Sea coast. Rent-a-Car is the safest and most secure way for a comfortable holiday for you and your family. This will allow you a quick and easy access to visit the nearby resorts such as Sunny Beach – a place for entertainment and nightlife, or any point to the South of Burgas, where you will find countless pristine beaches, uniquely clean waters and amazing recreational spots.


The waters Pomorie shore are preferred for yacht sailors and the harbor is dotted with fisherman boats. Among the most significant landmarks in the city is the salt museum, a yielding process, through solar evaporation of seawater.

Pomorie Lake is a protected super-saline lagoon with an area of ​​about 760 hectares and a rich deposit of healing mud. In terms of qualities, the healing mud of Pomorie ranks among the best in the world. The modern rehabilitation base is a place for healing many diseases. Thousands of people come here every year for the exquisite healing properties of the mud.

One of the oldest churches in the city is the “Transfiguration of Christ”, built between 18th and 19th century. The church holds a wood-carved iconostasis with 17 frescos and 33 smaller ones. The church “St. Nativity of the Virgin “has a white massive structure with gold-plated domes. “St. George” monastery is also located within the city. Within the territory, a marble bas-relief of the saint was discovered, as well as a miraculous spring with holy water.


Pomorie resorts offer countless attractions and a promising summer vacation. The beautiful picturesque town is a great choice for an absolute relaxation. By renting a car you can safely and quickly visit the amazing landmarks south of the city, which will enrich and diversify your holiday. Thanks to the many restaurants, cafés and attractions around the city you won’t stay bored for a moment. Summer months Pomorie hosts Bulgarian and international artists, who come to the city to exhibit their art, dances, songs and folk customs to all its visitors.

You can choose to take a walk by the beautiful, long seafront alley and enjoy the opportunity to indulge in the marvelous sunset with your loved one.