History and location

There is not one place along our Black Sea coast, which does not carry amazing natural beauty, have excellent location and presents wonderful conditions for hiking and salty, but sweet summer vacation. Primorsko is another Black Sea town, which will allow you to enjoy its beautiful scenery and wonderful climate. The town is situated on a small peninsula, set in the sea, where the slopes of Strandja Mountain reach the waters of the Black Sea.

The whole coastline of Primorsko is dotted with the ruins of ancient towns dating back to the 3rd century BC. In the area is Ranuli – ancient remains of a previous life, located on the hill “Valchanovo Kale”. It is one of the biggest fortresses – cities in Bulgaria.

Tourists Guide

Primorsko enjoys excellent conditions for pleasant sea tourism. The infrastructure in the area is well developed and there are numerous hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and the possibility to rent a car. The beautiful nature, the historical and cultural sights, the pleasant climate and the azure sea make Primorsko a favorite holiday destination for many Bulgarian and foreign families.

Transportation services

The location of the city is conveniently connected through air, land and water transport. Burgas Airport is only 55 km from the city. The transportation services are bus transport or use of a car rental company. By renting a car you can quickly and easily visit a number of landmarks on our Southern and Northern Black Sea coast. Rent-a-Car is the most secure and safest way for relaxed holiday for you and your family. This will make it easy to visit the nearby destinations where you will find countless pristine beaches, uniquely clean waters and amazing places for relaxation and relaxation.


In 2003, an ancient Thracian sanctuary of Beglik Tash was discovered, which is considered the oldest in Southeastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast. The Thracian sanctuary was founded more than 33 centuries ago and is associated with the cult of fertility and the Mother Goddess. Another landmarks in the vicinity are Ropotamo and Arkutino Reserves, as well as the rock formations “The Merry Rocks” and “The Lion Head”. If you have decided to trust the services of reputable car rental company within the area, you can safely visit destinations such as Kiten, Lozenets, Tsarevo and Ahtopol.

In Primorsko there are some of the longest and widest beaches in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Their stips are dotted with the finest sand and well-maintained recreational areas that provide comfort throughout your entire holiday. Other sights that you can visit during your summer vacation in Primorsko are: Azine Fortress and St. Paraskeva Chapel. A beautiful natural landmark is the Sand Dunes of Perla. The higher dunes reach 19 meters. Do not miss the “Cape Maslen”, which is also the easternmost point of Strandja Mountain and the third largest cape on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.


Primorsko, as well as any other Bulgarian sea town offers all sorts of entertainment and attractions for its visitors. The city offers an ultra-modern aqua park. And in it is built the largest and most modern sports hall in Bulgaria. In the hall there are conditions for sporting events such as handball, tennis, volleyball, football, basketball and dancing. The city is a balance between nature, exotics, attractions and numerous amenities for an unforgettable summer vacation.