History and location

Sinemorets is located in Tsarevo municipality and is the southernmost point of South-east Bulgaria. The distance between Sinemorets and Burgas is about 85 kilometers. This beautiful little village offers quiet and peaceful setting suitable for family holidays. It is situated on a peninsula and there are several deserted beaches within the area.

The oldest written source for Sinemoretz dates back to 1498. Today its name comes from the Greek word “galaza”, which literary translates to “bluesky”. Its current name the village has optained in 1934. Until then, it was known as Kalandzoy, Galandja and Kalandja.

Tourists Guide

North of the village of Sinemorets is situated the mouth of the Veleka river. The area unfolds beautiful wide shore. The northern beach of Sinemorets is called “The Hair” and it’s named after the estuary of the river that outlines beautiful natural formations when entering the sea. East from Sinemorets, in the highest part of the peninsula, is located an area called “Polyanite” which also includes a Hotel part. To the South, you can spot the beautiful bay “Butamyata” (Potamia). After Butamyata to the South stretches the bay with the incredibly romantic beach “Lipite” where you can see the distinguishing rock formations – “The Rock of Sisyphus”, “The Cave of the Pigeons” and “The Separated Rock”, Cape and Gulf of Listi. South of Sinemorets, all the way up to Rezovo village, spreads out a protected region called “Silistar”.

Transport services

Bourgas Airport is only 10 km away from the city of Bourgas, which facilitates the access to all the other towns along the Black Sea coastline. The transportation services you can use are shuttle bus, taxi services or car rental companies. By renting a car you can easily visit all landmarks within the area. Renting a car is the safest and most certain way for a comfortable summer holiday for you and your family. In the South of Burgas you will find countless pristine beaches, clear blue waters and amazing recreational spot. If you have decided to take advantage of car rental services, you won’t go wrong. To get to Sinemorets, you should follow the signs for Sozopol and Tsarevo. After Tsarevo, keep going straight and follow the signs for Ahtopol. The road after Ahtopol is very picturesque, surrounded by wooded stretches and countless views over the Black Sea. In the summer traffic is quite busy, so keep must remember to keep a speed limit.


Sinemorets offers a variety of exciting activities like taking a boat trip to a nearby sea town, canoeing on Veleka River, fishing, hiking in the woods following picturesque eco-paths, or simply relaxing on the beach. Sinemorets is a pleasant and peaceful place away from the noise and the hustle of the big sea resorts. The coast line consists of 4 beaches with exceptionally pure sand, clear shallow waters, some stony stretches here and there, surrounded by a dense forest. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

The waters of the Veleka River are ice cold and crystal clear. At first the river speeds up down through the dense oak forest. The valley is narrow and deep, and maybe not that suitable for beginner hikers. Approaching the sea, the river passes through unique dangling thick forest with endangered plant species.

The incredibly beautiful species, that can’t be seen elsewhere in the country, are the reason for the foundation of Strandja Natural Park and various reserves in the area. Bird lovers have specially organized ornithological outings in the area. Traveling by car around Sinemorets or walking through the eco paths is very likely to come across a red deer or other wild animals. One of the local landmarks is the church of St. George. It’s popular with the St. Modest Iconography, which portraits the Saint with flocks of oxen, sheep, horses and buffalos. If you rent a car in Sinemorets you could visit the medieval castle of Kastracion, as well as stop by the next lovely seaside village – Ahtopol.


The possibilities for adventures and activities by the sea in Sinemorets are endless. On the Butamyata Beach you will find water bikes, a banana scooter, water slides and jets. The beach is located in a small cove with a slight stream, which predisposes surfing around the area.

Who doesn’t like fishing? In Sinemorets you have the opportunity to try salty and and sweet water fishing. The Veleka River offers a huge abundance of fish. An interesting experience is the boat ride along the mouth of the Veleka. The great amount of protected plant species and birds will turn your sailing into a magical experience. Sailing along the river you will see Yellow Water Rose, Strandzha Greenpeace and Caspian Water Turtle. By making the decision to rent a car, you will obtain the opportunity to visit some pretty awesome spots around the nearby area.

First is the sanctuary of Mishkova Niva, followed by a Thracian tomb in the village of Brodilovo and the cool peak of Papia. Renting a car gives you flexibility and comfort, essential for a relaxed and laid back summer holiday. It also enables you to continually seek and discover new exciting places and new sensations. The area of Sinemorets is a key destination, combining everything you need to have a fantastic and memorable vacation – peace and tranquility in combination with extreme experiences and various routes.

Give yourself a great summer, full of cherished moments!