History and location

Sozopol is the oldest and one of the most beautiful cities along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The distance separating it from the regional administrative center of Burgas is 35 km. Situated on a small peninsula, Sozopol is interesting blend of many churches with cobblestone streets and breathtaking panoramic views. The history of the city indicates that it was first populated at the end of 4-3 millennium BC. The underwater studies reveal the remains of many household tools dating back from the Bronze Age.
In 610 an ancient Greek colony founded Apolonia Pontica. The name of the city comes from the god Apollo, considered protector of the colonies. Throughout the years the city grew as an important commercial center. After the Liberation of Bulgaria, Sozopol becomes the largest fishing center on the Black Sea coast. An ancient necropolis was discovered in 1993, and to this day the excavation continues.

Tourist Guide

The Old Town is situated on the small Skamniy peninsula, between bays of Sozopol and Koreniata. In the northern part of the peninsula is Cape Skamni and in the southern – Cape Harmanite. The newest part of the city is located along the Bay of Korena to the Budjaka Peninsula. Its name is Harmanite. The Budjaka peninsula and the Kavatsi Bay mark the southern border of the city. The islands of St. Ivan and a smaller one called St. Peter are located in the Sozopol bay. The old town of Sozopol is declared an architectural and archaeological reserve because of its enormous historical significance. Transportation links to Sozopol:

  • 40 km. – Burgas Airport / nearest airport /
  • 165 km. – Varna airport
  • 410 km. – Sofia Airport
  • 45 km. – AM Trakia / exit for Bourgas /
  • bus routes to and from Sofia, Bourgas, Northern and Southern Black Sea Coast to Sozopol Bus Station / between Old and New Town /
  • Port Sozopol – performs leisure and tourist trips, cargo and passenger transport
  • Rent a car from “Selena Kar” in Sozopol, as well as from all other resort towns along the Black Sea coast. Using car rental services means convenient, safe and unforgettable trip for you and your family during your summer vacation.

Transport services

The location of Sozopol is conveniently connected through air, land and water. Bourgas Airport is only 40 km away. The transport services available for tourists are bus or use of a car rental company. Rent-a-Car is the safest and most secure way for a comfortable holiday for you and your loved ones. By renting a car from Sozopol, you can dive into different adventures every day and explore many exotic corners along our Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The numerous seaside towns are collection of architectural, historical and natural landmarks worth visiting.


The amazing and magical Sozopol is an attractive destination for all who want to explore our history. Its splendor is surrounded by endless blue sea, beautiful houses and small paved streets. The city is lively, with more and more opportunities for different adventures every day. There are restaurants on the top of various cliffs, inviting all seafood lovers to try delicious fresh variety of dishes, while watching the incredible sea and listening to live music complemented by the sound of the waves. Its antiquity brings a different feeling, of a long past life of rich and glorious history, that conveyed its splendor and aristocracy throughout the years. Relaxing at one of our wonderful resorts you can rent a car and visit this magical city, which I assure you, will stay forever in your heart. Sozopol has also evolved in a resort town and has traditions in the field of sea and summer tourism. Choosing to relax here, you will discover beautiful beaches and clear blue water. If you really want to enjoy yourself, here you will end up spending one unforgettable vacation. Attractions that you can’t miss when you come to Sozopol are the old churches “St. Zosim” and “Holy Virgin”. Besides the authentic churches in the old town, you will find small chapels, the ancient fortress wall surrounding the city, as well as the numerous archaeological remains across town and the Sozopol medieval houses constructed of stone and wood. Not far from the city is the so-called “Snake Island”, Ropotamo Natural Reserve and Bakarlak peak. You can see some impressive expositions presented by the archeological museum of the city with exhibits of more than 25 centuries. Across town, you can choose to explore St. Ivan island, which you can only access by sea. A panoramic tour to the island of Saint Anastasia will give you the chance to have a sea walk with many pleasant and sunny moments. Renting a car will give you the opportunity to jump to all nearby campsites where you will find amazing beaches with crystal clear water and astonishing surroundings. Sozopol offers a string of challenges and a wide variety of cultural and historical tourism.


The city’s brewing up with energy and excitement for long and crazy summer nights. Thousands of people come here to see the beautiful old town and the remains of what used to be a grand empire. The city has a port which is important for both passengers and cargo transportation, and for recreational tourism. The built in yacht harbor and fishing boat docks will give you the opportunity to take one-day trips and immerse in the bliss and beauty of Black Sea, its small lovely islands and the positive energy that bring.

Within the area there are several amazing beaches with soft golden sand, clear waters joined with plenty of facilities offering the comfort and pleasure we all need all summer long. To the north is the King’s Beach, and to the south is Paradise Bay. The most visited are the camping sites “Kavatsi”, “Smokinia”, “Veselie”, “Gradina”, “Zlatna ribka” and others. Near the town of Sozopol in the Strandzha Mountain are the villages of Indje Voyvoda and Varshilo, which have successfully developed their rural tourism.

Entertainment in the city doesn’t slow down throughout all summer. The Apollonia Festival of Arts is held annually here, and you can also become a part of its magic. The festival gathers famous musicians, artists and poets from all over the world and offers ten days of fun for all city guests, who dive into music, dance, theatrical performances, cinema and exhibitions. Beautiful restaurants and cafés along the coastal streets bring you the taste of local cuisine. In Sozopol you can also find all kinds of water extreme sports and attractions.