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Sunny Beach

History of Location

Cozy little resort village, huh? These times are long gone and all that is left are memories. The development of Sunny Beach as a modern seaside resort started in 1958. The landscape at that time consisted of dunes with camels as an attraction. Today Sunny Beach has undergone a complete change, reaching the status of the largest and most modern Bulgarian Black Sea resort. Thousands of young people come here, dreaming of pleasure and fun, leaving with countless positive emotions. The area’s beaches are wide, reaching the exceptional 10 km in length, and the 60-70 meters in width, making Sunny Beach an ideal spot for relaxing by the sea.

Tourist guide

If you are looking for a peaceful spot by the sea, for you and your family, Sunny Beach is not the place for you. You must enjoy the it with a group of friends, indulge in luxurious beach bars, countless opportunities for adventures and shiny nightlife. The ongoing construction of amenities and massive lavish buildings in the area allows the beach town to become a place for year round living.

Sunny Beach has a strategic location. Nestled between the resort towns of Nessebar and St. Vlas, the strategic location of Sunny Beach makes it a preferred destination for summer vacation. The complex is located about 30 km away from Bourgas Airport, with convenient transport connections, which facilitates the access to all incoming and outgoing tourists. Selena Karr offers car rental services from Burgas Airport to the resort as well as from the beach itself. By car you can easily and quickly reach every point on the Black Sea coast, which will bring you wonderful moments in the unique Bulgarian resort villages.

Transportation Services

The location of the complex is conveniently connected through air, land and water. Bourgas Airport is just 30 km away. The transportation services available are bus or the use of car rental companies. Renting a car is the safest and most secure way for a comfortable holiday for you and your family. Renting a car from Sunny Beach, you can dive into different adventures every day and see many exotic places along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The seaside villages are contemporary architectural, historical and natural sights worth visiting.


By renting a car from Sunny Beach you can visit the ancient town of Nessebar – a monument of culture, extremely beautiful and memorable place worth seeing. The long and joyful summer, the beautiful beach, the clear sea water, the dynamics of the resort and the majority of young people contribute to a cheerful mood and a desire for a party. Not far from the resort is the regional city of Bourgas.


Sunny Beach has about 200 hotels, 2 campsites – “Emona” and “Sunny Beach”, numerous restaurants, cafes, attractions, that reach 15 000 in count, as well as any services in favor of the wholly tourists that make their stay Pleasant and comfortable. Bearing the glory of the most modern resort complex, Sunny Beach offers all sorts of watersports such as surfing, water skiing, yachting, tennis clubs, horse riding, bowling, Aqua Park, indoor and outdoor pools, minigolf and last but not least – unique beach and the azure sea. The emblematic Cocoa Beach annually hosts huge concerts of well-known DJs, world-famous pop and rap performers. Coming here you will find never-ending variety of activities and will indulge in pleasant atmosphere filled with exciting surprises and positive emotions.