History of location

A great place for a summer vacation and a true relaxation on the beach, this is Tsarevo. The small town is located in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Tsarevo is 70 km away from Burgas and only a few kilometers from Ahtopol. The old name of Tsarevo is Michurin, renamed in 1991. Interesting legends are about the founding of the city. The town was one of the symbols of Bulgarian sea tourism and preferred holiday destination for many young families looking for a tranquil piece of paradise. The history of the city dates back to the Middle Ages. This is evident in the many archeological monuments around the city. Interesting landmarks are the Church “St. Trinity ” and the medieval fortress situated on Papiia peak in Strandja mountain.

Tourist guide

Tsarevo is one of the most visited seaside towns by local Bulgarian tourists. The natural, climatic and historically significant places make the city a preferred destination for summer tourism. The natural geographic location of Tsarevo represents beautiful green hills of Strandja Mountain, overgrown with centuries-old oak forests, flowing down, reaching all the way to the sea. This shapes dozens of small bays and peninsulas.

Transport services

The location of Tsarevo is conveniently connected through air, land and water. Burgas Airport is 77 km away. The transportation services available are bus or use of a car rental company. Rent-a-Car is the safest and most secure way for a comfortable holiday for you and your family. By renting a car from Tsarevo, you can dive into different adventures daily and to explore various exotic corners of our Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The sea side towns are blend of architectural, historical and natural landmarks worth visiting. Nearby resort spots are Kiten, Primorsko, Lozenets, Ahtopol and Sinemorets.


There are several beaches in Tsarevo, one of the best is Arapia. The beach has excellent conditions for exciting water activities, among which you can find scuba diving and windsurfing. In the city of Tsarevo itself there are two beaches – central and popski beach. Another beautiful one is Nestinarka which offers water skiing, jet skiing, boat trips and all kinds of sea adventures. Tsarevo is located near Strandja Mountain, which invites us to take on some of its many charming hike routes and to indulge in remarkable natural beauty. The protected area of Silokosia is 15 km away from the city and with the help of car rental services you can get there quickly. The area represents natural botanical garden with a huge variety of plants. It’s also one of the oldest nature reserves in our country. Nearby is the Ropotamo-Veleka Reserve, which shows nature in its excellence and offers really impressive landscapes. Here you can also find the rock formation called “The Lion Head”. The Veleka River has a length of 147 km and the valley going by its downstream is surrounded by dense forests. Tsarevo spreads out on three bays in total. Here the combination of sea, mountain and rivers with exotic vegetation provide wonderful conditions for tourists – eco, yacht tourism, hunting tourism and extreme water sports are to name a few. The city has the largest port in the area, which is the first to our southern border. The harbor is preferred by many local and foreign sailors. Here the waters are one of the cleanest along the coast.